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Mom Scoop - Episode 19: Palin Bashing, Shoebox Project, Tooth Fairy & The Current News Round-Up w/ Vanessa Van Petten

OOPS! ~ I previously posted an old podcast accidently, instead of the correct one, please download this episode again! Sorry 'bout that!! =)

In this episode I talk about my daughter starting Pre School and the Tooth Fairy. I also BASH Sarah Palin, whom I DESPISE! Check out my blog for more Anti-Palin Humor!

Also discussed is Project Christmas Child from This is a terriffic program that collects shoeboxes filled with small gifts for under priviledged children all over the world.

Author / Blogger Vanessa Van Petten joins us for another edition of the Current News Round-Up. We discuss Palin and reasons why mom's should be afraid of her!

Links: - My Blog - Vanessa's Blog - Operation Christmas Child - Discount Travel - NW Indiana's Premier Photographers


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Mom Scoop - Episode 18: A Walk to Remember, & we talk Nostalgia!

In today's show I talk about the Compassionate Friends "Walk to Remember" that we went to, that memorializes our children who have passed away.

Author / Blogger Vanessa Van Petten joins us for another edition of the Current News Round-Up. We discuss "Nostalgic Teens", the Olympics, and a few other little tidbits as well!


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Mom Scoop - Episode 17: Tornados & Earthquakes!, The County Fair, Current News Round-up w/ Vanessa Van Petten

In today's show I talk about the tornado that hit just a few miles from my home and the recent earthquake in LA.

I discuss the one drawback of going to the local county fairs with Samantha. =)

I also tell everyone about my new friends Tim & Nanette from the "For Whatever Reason" podcast.

Author Vanessa Van Petten joins us once again to discuss ways to overcome "Information Overload" and how to permanently change the bad habits of kids!

Links: - Tim & Nanette's lovely show! - My Blog - Vanessa's Blog - Discount Travel website


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Mom Scoop - Episode 16: News Round-up w/ Author Vanessa Van Petten - Teacher Cyber-bating, Bored Kids, Mom Bloggers

In today's show Vanessa Van Petten joins us again for another edition of the Current News Round-up.

We discuss the new epidemic of "Teacher Cyber-Bating".... scary!

Also discussed are a few things kids can do to relieve summer boredom! We can all use some of these ideas!

Links: - My Blog - Vanessa's Blog


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Mom Scoop - Episode 15: The BEST DRINK EVAH, Little Prankster, Bachelorette Finale & News Round Up w/ Vanessa Van Petten

In today's show I talk about our 4th of July weekend and I give a recipe for the BEST cocktail EVAH! I also dish about the Bachelorette Finale and tell a little story about my prankster kid!

Vanessa Van Petten joins us for another edition of the Current News Round Up.

I announce my new Blog:

Link to Vanessa's Blog:


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Mom Scoop - Episode 14: The Dirty Little Secret, News Roundup w/ Vanessa Van Petten

In today's show I reveal a "Dirty Little Secret".

Author Vanessa Van Petten joins us for another Current News Roundup. We discuss "Teacup Parenting" and the debate about Private vs. Public Schools. 

Link to Vanessa's Blog:

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Mom Scoop - Episode 13: News Round Up w/ Author Vanessa Van Petten, Sick Goldfish from the festival, New Business!

In today's show, we talk about the latest NEWS with Author Vanessa Van Petten. Some topics discussed are:

"Sexting", the new teen way of communicating, Computer Doctors, and Hillary!

I also talk about the storms in the midwest and our trip to the local festival....

Link to Vanessa's Blog:


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Mom Scoop - Episode 12: American Idol Finale, Garage Sale, & Current News Roundup w/ Vanessa Van Petten

In this epidode, I discuss my feelings for David Cook, and preparation for my Garage Sale.

Our first installment of the "Current News Roundup" with Author/Blogger Vanessa Van Petten.


Vanessa Van Petten's Blog:


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Mom Scoop - Episode 11: Special Guest Vanessa Van Petten, Author of "You're Grounded"

In today's show my special guest Vanessa Van Petten discusses her book, "You're Grounded" and her blog

Please go check out her blog and leave some comments! =)

You can also purchase her amazing book at

The music for today's show is by Everyday Jones from Pod Safe Audio.


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Mom Scoop - Music Show 2: More Great Tunes!

In today's show I feature 2 Comedy Songs from :

"Grandma's Surprise" by Boris Kayhkin

"Boob Fairy" by Deirdre Flint


I also play 3 other tunes that I found on

"All You Said" by Everyday Jones

"Not Your Enemy" by Megaphone

"Through These Eyes" by David Gielan


I hope you enjoy the songs. Please call our Mom Scoop Hotline and give us some feedback! (206) 202-0904

We could play your message on an upcoming show!


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Mom Scoop - Episode 10: I have Pink Paislee!, Obnoxious Dog Walker, Hubby Gripe

In today's show I talk about the new PINK PAISLEE Scrapbook Line that I have in my online store at

I talk about the obnoxious dog walker in my neighborhood, and another "Hubby Gripe" to add to the list, and also a "Hubby Praise"!!!

I feature an awesome song from Everyday Jones, "On and On".        This duo ROCKS! I found them on, and I love their music!!

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Mom Scoop - Music Show 1: A Better Version of You, The Dry Cleaning Song, MySpace, Sunglasses and a Smile

This is our first Music Show, I hope you enjoy these funny songs!

Let us know how you like them, call us on the Mom Scoop Hotline! (206) 202 - 0904

Songs Featured on this podcast:

Better Version of You - Paul and Storm
Podsafe Music Network
MySpace song - Joshua Grosvent
Podsafe Music Network
Sunglasses & a Smile - Lex Zaleta
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Mom Scoop - Episode 9: Buying Jeans, "Hubby Gripes", & A Funny Song about FOOD

In today's show I talk about buying new jeans. I send some positive thoughts to someone who needs them, and another installment of "Hubby Gripes"

I also feature a funny song called "Food" by Dierdre Flint from the Pod Safe Music Network.

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Mom Scoop - Episode 8: The Librarian from Hell, Hubby Gripes

In today's show I talk about the "Librarian from HELL". I hope she gets fired!

Another installment of "Hubby Gripes"....Toilets and COMMON SENSE (or lack thereof!)

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Mom Scoop - Episode 7: Special Guest "Hubby Ed" with a  few laughs!

In today's show, "Hubby Ed" makes his first appearance.

We have a few laughs, and a brief conversation provoked by beer.

** I just want to wish everyone affected by the NIU Shootings peace and comfort during this difficult time. It is such a horrific event that took place and it chills me to the bone. God Bless all of the victims and families involved.**

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Mom Scoop - Episode 6: "The Secret", "Hubby Gripes", and More Babble

In today's episode I discuss "The Secret" and the basics of how it works.

I also have another "Hubby Gripe" to add to the never ending list! HA!

I also ramble on about my views on having a woman for president and and few other things....

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Mom Scoop - Episode 5: Retreat Details Announced, "Hubby Gripes" - FARTS!

YEAH!!! I got the new mic and it works AWESOME!!

In today's show I unveil the final details of the Scrapaholic Retreat in Chesterton, IN on April 11-13. If you are in the Chicago or NW Indiana area, and you like to scrapbook, check this out!!!

I also do another installment of "Hubby Gripes".

And a little "Fart Talk" too!


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Mom Scoop - Episode 4: New Store & Website, Scrapbook Retreat Update, & "Hubby Gripes"

In today's show I talk about a good munchie to eat while watching the Super Bowl. I talk about the opening of the Mom Scoop Store, and our new website:

Also an update on my Scrapbooking Retreat, and another installment of "Hubby Gripes".

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Mom Scoop - Episode 3: Building a Snowman, "Hubby Gripes", & a Crafty Side Job Idea

In today's show I talk about building a snowman with my daughter, the first installment of "Hubby Gripes", and a crafty side job idea!

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Mom Scoop - Episode 2: Scrapbook Retreat, Bad Breath, & CHOCOLATE

In today's show I talk about a Scrapbooking Retreat, Bad Breath and my feelings about chocolate. I also do a little complaining about my husband!

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Mom Scoop - Episode 1: Caffeine, Kids & Games, Working from Home!

Welcome to our first show! In today's show we talk about caffeine, kids and games and a little about me!

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