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Mom Scoop - Episode 19: Palin Bashing, Shoebox Project, Tooth Fairy & The Current News Round-Up w/ Vanessa Van Petten

OOPS! ~ I previously posted an old podcast accidently, instead of the correct one, please download this episode again! Sorry 'bout that!! =)

In this episode I talk about my daughter starting Pre School and the Tooth Fairy. I also BASH Sarah Palin, whom I DESPISE! Check out my blog for more Anti-Palin Humor!

Also discussed is Project Christmas Child from This is a terriffic program that collects shoeboxes filled with small gifts for under priviledged children all over the world.

Author / Blogger Vanessa Van Petten joins us for another edition of the Current News Round-Up. We discuss Palin and reasons why mom's should be afraid of her!

Links: - My Blog - Vanessa's Blog - Operation Christmas Child - Discount Travel - NW Indiana's Premier Photographers


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